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At this time, the Applications SIG is focusing on the database program, MS Access (included in Microsoft Office 97 or 2000).  The SIG is still in the developmental and exploratory stage evaluating the interests and skills of members who join the SIG.  At a beginnerís level, SIG be addressing fundamental concepts that define a database.  Such concepts like files, tables, queries (SQLs), records, forms, reports and macros will be explained and demonstrated in the development of a sample database.  The use of Accessís Wizard program development tool will also be demonstrated and advantages and disadvantages of its use discussed.

When interests and skills have developed to an appropriate level, the SIG will explore the use of the Visual Basic Language for Access (VBA) to develop GUIs (graphic users interfaces) to automate the use of a database once its structure has been established.

The interests of SIG members in other programs will be periodically examined to see if there is sufficient support within the group to expand SIG program interests.

Time will be aside at each meeting for Q&A and Show-And-Tell in order to help and recognize efforts of those who are developing their own databases independent of the SIG

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Jack Muldoon Sig Leader

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