6 Months


Here are some of the topics that are currently planned for the PC-Sig.  As each topic is announced and scheduled they will be placed on the CACHE schedule.

Six Month Program Plan


CD-ROM burning - needs someone with an outboard CDRW. I would be glad to assist in describing the three general types of CD-ROM writing and burning as well as the two major software programs used

Firewalls - free and commercial programs. The need for them, particularly on broadband access ISPs where the connection is always on.

Making and swapping MP3s. Napster and their current situation.

MP3 players - Rio, Nomad, Sony
Use of Media Players to rip CDs
Windows Media Player 7
Real Audio
Music Match Jukebox

The new "anti-piracy" policy of Microsoft and what it means to you.

Operating systems (WindowsXP)

Two copies only. Your desktop and your laptop (maybe only 1 copy)
BIOS Blocking

Application programs (Microsoft MS Office)

Yearly rental (how much?)

Restoration CDs and their limitations

Today’s PC Systems

ISA, PCI, and new bus schemes
Microsoft’s "Perfect PC"
The trend toward built-in video and sound (Intel motherboards)
Legacy-free systems - Gateway, Compaq, Dell, IBM


USB 2.0
        Cards and built-in

IEEE 1394 Firewire




Present drives available
Lack of standards
Cost of media (about $30.00 plus per disk)

Some of these programs could be panel sessions. Others like #1 are hands-on demos.

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